Special foods of Boryeong

The sweetest grapes in Korea….. Sahyeon Grapes

 Sahyeon-ri (Nampo-myeon) is famous for super-sweet grapes. With excellent cultivation technology and minimal use of chemicals, the grapes are harvested about 20 days earlier than is usual.

Big and tasty….. Blue Crab Stew

 Due to low fat and high protein, blue crab stew is good for the digestion. With many essential amino acids, it’s good for children, the weak, and the old. In addition to Blue Crab Stew, Gejang (crab marinated in soy sauce) and Jjim (spicy sauteed crab with vegetables) are also available.

Soft and savory….. Cheonbuk Grilled Oysters

 Due to the tide’s severe ebb and flow, they grow slowly but the oysters are very nutritious and tasty . In winter, grilled oyster is a warming food.

Chewy and sweet….. Ganjaemi Muchim (ray with mixed vegetables)

 The fresh ray is mixed with vegetables and other flavors. Due to its texture and savory taste, many people from across the nation have visited this place to eat ray.

Sweet and tasty….. Kanari Extract (salted lance fish sauce)

 Kanari (lance fish) is a 15 to 25cm-long anchovy. Fresh lance fish is preserved with sun-dried salt for about one year at room temperature with no additives.

Crispy and soft….. Boryeong Dolgim (dried seaweed)

 Made of high-quality seaweed from the West Sea, it keeps its crispiness and mellow flavor for a long time.

Chewy and juicy….. Webfoot Octopus

 Webfoot Octopus is chewy and savory. Fried webfoot octopus, raw webfoot octopus, and webfoot octopus mixed with vegetables are available.

High-protein and low calorie… Comb Pen Shell Dish

 This is a high-protein and low-calorie food. Due to its rich essential amino acids and iron content, it’s good for preventing anemia and coronary sclerosis. This fresh shell dish is also good for pregnant women and skin care. Roasted comb pen shell, comb pen shell stew, comb pen shell porridge, and fritters are available.

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